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    Tamraght, Marokko
    Guadeloupe, Karibik
    Taghazout, Marokko
    Fuerte, Kanaren
    Bahia, Brasilien

This must be how it looks in paradise. A perfect beach with white sand and a transparent turquoise sea. The shadows of palm trees offer a shelter from the vicious sun, while waiting for fallen coconuts. Further out the waves break in a perfect and constant curve. No signs of civilization no trash, no artificial noise.

But we are not the first human beings in paradise: Somebody discovered it already. Suddenly a fully trained and tanned surfer with a slouch hat appears with his dog between the the palm trees welcoming the arriving guests. Christie Carter came from New Zealand in 1998 to realize his dream of living on one of the most beautiful islands he ever saw on his extensive travels so far. He was 22 years old by the time he opened his "Wavepark Losmen" on Mainuk island, the only land-based surf camp on the Mentawai archipelago.

Text (Fotos): Christina Schott

Surfing Mentawai Islands

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